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The Personnel Information Protection Policy

KBN Co.,Ltd we respect your privacy and implement the Policy to protect your personnel information. This Policy we have implemented is founded on the following 9 principal privacy.

1.Definition of Personnel Information

Personnel Information is concerning our website user information. It has to identify you with name, E-mail address, address, birthday, and so on description.

2.Purpose of acquiring Personnel Information

Offer information by E-mail for free.
Reply to your question.
Implement questionnaire and campaign for enhancement of service.

3.Change your Personnel Information

Every time you change and add, delete your offered information.

4.Unveil to others

We never unveil your personnel information to others without your permission. However, in case of the following, we unveil your personnel information to others.

  • In case, inquire of you about law, from police, courtesy, judiciary, administrative organ.
  • In case, we have trouble with keeping our web site.
  • In case, you violate legislation and have incorrect trouble judged by common sense.
  • In case, we have to protect right to us and others, profit.

5.Exemption from responsibility

In case of the following, We aren’t responsible for acquiring personnel information by others.

  • In case, you unveil your personnel information by yourself.
  • In case, you happen to identify yourself, because of typing information on our web site.

6.Use cookie

We occasionally use cookie to offer you better service. However, we can’t collect information identifying personnel with cookie.
We never violate your privacy.

7.Access Log

On our web site, Access Log contains the following information about IP-address and host name, browser, types of OS, access date.
This Access Log site will be utilized for statistical analysis concerning maintenance and access use.

8.Use statistic data

Based on offered personnel information, we make statistic data with format not identifying personnel and make use of the data without any control.

9.Change the privacy policy

We can change the privacy policy without your permission.
Changed privacy policy come into effect after display on web site.


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