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Company name KBN Co.,Ltd
Address 〒151-0064
1-42-9 Uehara Shibuya-ku Tokyo-to JAPAN
Executive Kosuke Yamazaki
Foundation Feb, 1999
About business ◆manufacture and sell Tamogi(golden oyster mashroom) ingredient
◆manufacture and sell healthy food
◆manufacture and sell original cosmetics
◆manufacture and sell original Cosmetic ingredients


I was taught as follows by my friend being engaged in medical care. A few part of “Doctor’s rule 425”

  • We should stop taking any all medicine, if possible.
    If this is not possible, we shouldn’t take medicine as much as we can.
  • If medicine increase in number, side effect increase in number like geometric progression.
  • Patient taking more than four medicines is in danger beyond medical knowledge.

When I heard these things, I was really surprised.
I think that those who harm health know importance of making health well.
I hope that make your smile, and keep working on making health.
We bring the whole world useful information to make your healthy body.

Founder Kawauchi


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