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What's Pleurotus Tamogi

The reason why we recommend Pleurotus Tamogi

Pleurotus Tamogi include much B-Glucan
But, B-Glucanis the most important to unit with protein.
Because only materials including much B-glucan have no effect to take nutritious ingredients.
So we recommend Pleurotus Tamogi included much B-Glucan and protein.

Rich Glucan content

In the first place, Pleurotus Tamogihas feature that including much B-Glucan content and well-balanced with protein. It can be said that materials well-balanced B-Glucan and proteinis exellent to make protein polysaccharide.
PleurotusTamogiincludeB-Glucan26.9g per 100g that is double of Agaricus.
And PleurotusTamogi include protein 48.3g per 100g.
Pleurotus Tamogiis the top of mushrooms with respect to well-balanced protein polysaccharide. It is said that play a part of developing immunity.

Rich Niacin content

In the second place, Pleurotus Tamogi has feature that include rich Niacin content.
Niacin is essential vitamin (vitamin B3) to metabolize nutrients.

〈the working of Niacin〉

  • Essential to metabolize fat and sugar, protein
  • Essential to unit all kind of hormone
  • Play a great part in normalizing nerve and brain function
  • Reduce neutral fat and cholesterol
  • Go down blood pressure and improve blood circulation
  • Keep healthy skin and digestive system

Rich content of amino-acid making collagen

Pleurotus Tamogi have rich content of amino-acid. As for its amino-acid, 6.5 times as much as Agaricus, 5.4 times as much as Propolis, 11.9 times as much as soy bean.
And Glycin making collagen is included 60times as much as Agaricus, 35 times as much as Propolis, 130 times as much as soy bean. These figures stand out from the crowd.
Pleurotus Tamogi plays a great part in making collagen as beauty ingredients through taking amino-acid.

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